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Horsley Playgroup Gallery

A few pictures to give you a flavour of some of the activities we do and the environment we play and learn in...

In the mud kitchen
Creating flower decorations
Out on a walk in the woods
Cooking together
Developing lines of play
Creating creatures in paint
Play with dried peas
Following children's interests
Gardening the border
Celebrating Easter
Creating a woodland story
Creating a jungle
Using the new school playground
Sharing a book together
Chopping carrots for soup
Creating animal homes
Place and arranging
Making with sticks
Using natural resources
Embellishing fabric with stitches
Exploring mud in the wood
Working together to build
Making a road way
Making representations
Climbing in the small wood
Creating with shells & sticks
Play with peas
Using our senses
Creating label for a present
Making a stick house
Trying our skills
Exploring feel of runny paint
Careful concentration
Combining colours
Open ended play outside
Tubes and balls
Play with our '3D' creation
Using pavement chalk
Look what we've made!
Checking our score
Looking at mini-beasts
Ready for customers!
Proud of our efforts
Using our special frames
Exploring properties
Weighing and chopping
Making different sounds
Emptying and filling
Designing pumpkin faces
Woodwork outside
Collected items to create with
Our leaf creatures
Fun together at school
Play with slimy gloop!
Self portraits
Work on my creation
Painting on a large scale
Observational drawing
Going on holiday!
Cool shades on the beach!
Concentrating, careful work
Cleaning the bike together
Exploring a windy day!
The fire engine visits us
Weighing and chopping
Being involved in puzzle work
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