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Tesco Bags of Help

We have been striving hard to improve the indoor facilities available to our 'pop-up' playgroup that runs in the village hall to create an even better environment for our children, parents and staff over the last two years.

Our previous chairperson Poppy Smith, to whom we are exceedingly grateful, powered on and applied to ‘Tesco Bags of Help’. It has been a really big help indeed! We were successful in receiving enough tokens in the local Tesco stores to come a runner up, which has meant an award of £2k has come our way this year.

This has followed the huge success of our bespoke cupboard in the main room of the hall that was funded by the Children and Young People grant kindly supported by local Councillor Steve Robinson the year before. Now Tesco Bags of Help has allowed us to achieve further enhancements and also lighter floor play mats.

We have been able to source a further two large double cupboards with shelves and trays inside the village hall. This has given real benefits - it has given children better choice and ability to access more resources for themselves. It has allowed the staff to have resources like maths and ICT easily accessible to support children's learning. It keeps resources dry and clean like paper for art & craft activities. For the staff it has reduced the amount of manual handling they have to do. The new cupboards and floor mats have added to the aesthetics of the hall for other users and it has improved the facilities for future years of the playgroup. We are really grateful to Mags & Mick Ratford who helped with these projects and the installation of the cupboards, so we thank them and everyone who has supported our cause.

It’s really helping!

Horsley Playgroup staff team

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