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Horsley Preschool Session Settings are Outstanding

Horsley Playgroup prides itself on providing a truly excellent setting, and now, it is official; Horsley Playgroup is outstanding.

The recent Ofsted inspection in February 2012, at our pre-school session that we hold at Horsley Primary School, recognised the real aspects of the playgroup, summarising that the ‘fully inclusive approach’ meant that the children made ‘very good progress in their personal and social development’. Thus, the staff’s ‘exceptionally good approach’ results in a setting where the children ‘co-operate, learn to share and are kind to one another’.

There was the acknowledgement that ‘all the children make excellent progress in all areas of learning. They are very well prepared for the transition to primary school’….’the transition is seamless and has a positive effect on children’s attitudes to school life and learning‘.

The unannounced inspection highlighted the superb work of all the staff, acknowledging how committed they are to running this outstanding setting; noting that ‘arrangements for protecting children and keeping them safe are excellent and a high priory for staff’ and ‘the playgroup is outstanding in the way it includes all children. Individual needs are catered for exceptionally well’.

There are also ‘excellent links with parents and carers who are very supportive of the playgroup’ and ‘the excellent procedures for securing the well-being, learning and development of all children are at the heart of this successful relationship’.

With every category of the Ofsted report receiving a ‘grade 1 outstanding’, this wonderful result reflects all the hard work and effort put into running the setting.

Everyone at Horsley Playgroup is justifiably delighted with this fantastic result!

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